Cheap leasing deal with Chevy makes you want to buy more, but you’re probably not interested in the Volt, say Ford

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Chevy’s Volt is not for the average person.

The Volt’s big selling point is the price, which is $49,900 for the base version, $50,800 for the Premium and $59,900 in the Luxury and Touring editions.

The cheapest Volt you can buy right now is $69,900.

That’s not much more than the price of the cheapest Toyota Prius.

The Volt has a big problem with a few key factors: The Volt is expensive.

In other words, it’s a lot more expensive than you would expect for a gas-powered vehicle.

And it’s more expensive to buy than the Prius, the Chevy Bolt and other vehicles that make up the Chevy Volt’s base.

The first of these is the Volt’s $29,000 price tag.

That figure comes from the manufacturer’s official sticker price, not the sticker price that comes with the car.

It’s $49.00 for the Volt as a standard model, $49 for the Advanced and $69.00 in the Sport, which are the premium versions.

That means you can’t just buy a Volt and drive it.

You have to buy a car with the Volt on it, and if you want the Volt to do anything, you’ll have to drive it to the dealership.

The sticker price on the car is also a lot higher than the car’s sticker price.

So what does the Volt cost to buy?

It costs $49 a month.

If you buy it with a standard 60-month lease, you pay $3,000 a month for the battery and $3.50 for the gasoline engine.

If your lease expires, the price goes down to $2,500 a month (not including the Volt).

That means if you have a 60-year lease, the Volt will cost you $1,000 less a month than a Prius or a Bolt.

The second problem is that the Volt is so expensive that you’ll want to do some research before you buy the Volt.

The manufacturer is not providing any information about the Volt when you click on the link to buy it, so you’ll need to look it up on your own.

Buying the Volt can also be a little tricky.

The online dealership has a list of the different models available and prices, but the price will vary depending on what you want and whether you need a certain car.

The dealership does offer a free test drive of the Volt that you can do on your way home.

Buys are also possible on certain dates, but if you buy a vehicle after a certain date, you will be charged a fee.

The battery is also not included in the price.

I bought a Volt for my wife.

What I bought is the cheapest car she could get, but it’s not exactly a bargain.