How to keep your Toyota Corolla lease for 10 years from the Toyota dealership

Toyota has announced it will offer its new Toyota Corollas at a discount for a decade starting from the new year.

The price will be $24,990 for the base Corolla and $27,990 the premium Corolla LT, and it will drop to $25,950 for the premium LT and $28,990 Premium Corolla.

It will be available to buy from the dealership in the US.

The car is also available at dealerships in the UK and Australia, but it will not be available for sale in Canada or Europe.

The new model will have a new front grille, LED headlights, a more compact design and a new engine that is a six-cylinder turbocharged inline-six.

It’s expected to be offered with or without a manual transmission.

The Corolla has always been popular with buyers, who love its design and the fact that it is affordable.

This model will also have a lot of premium features that will be exclusive to the new model, like a leather interior, heated front seats, a new stereo system and a leather steering wheel.

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