Ford Ranger lease deals make sense for Mazdas Ford Ranger, Toyota pickup sales boost 2016 outlook

Ford announced a series of new lease deals for its 2016 fleet of vehicles, including two Ford Ranger leases.

The first Ford Ranger is scheduled to be delivered in early 2021, while the second vehicle is expected to be in production by late 2021.

Ford said that the new leases for the Ranger, the Ranger XSE, and the new Ford Ranger Highlander will be available for a price of $1,400 a month, a price that it said is a “reasonable price for an entry-level truck.”

Ford said it will also offer the new Ranger for $2,000 a month on a two-year lease.

Ford’s new leases will include the option of an additional year of service for the original lease, which is a $400 annual fee.

The Ranger XE will be offered as a two or three-year loan with a monthly payment of $2.25, while Ford’s Highlander will have a two year lease at $2/month, with a total of $6.75/month payments.

Ford said the Ranger lease payments will be comparable to the company’s current lease program, which gives drivers a one-time payment of just $500 for the first year of ownership and $1/month for each subsequent year.

The Ranger lease program is a key selling point for Ford, which has been struggling to bring in new customers with its Ranger pickup and Ford Ranger SUVs.

Ford’s new Ranger lease offers some of the same advantages of its existing leases, including the option to take advantage of the company-operated Ford Ranger Dealer Network (FDRN), where customers can take advantage in-person appointments with Ford dealerships.

Ford also said it would offer a free three-day pass to the Ford Ranger pickup truck and SUV for new Ford drivers starting in 2020, and that it would continue to offer the Ranger pickup for new drivers through 2019.

The Ford Ranger brand will be relaunched this fall, with the introduction of the new Highlander model.

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