Why the $1.2 trillion sale of GM will be a boon for workers and the middle class

This deal will help make sure millions of jobs are created and create hundreds of thousands of jobs for people working at GM, and they will pay off big time.

The deal could help make it easier for workers to find jobs in a number of industries that have struggled under a Trump administration that has targeted trade deals and pushed for more protectionist measures.

For example, the deal could save up to 8 million jobs.

The auto industry employs more than 2 million people and employs more people in manufacturing and construction than the entire U.S. economy.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have been trying to convince the American public that they are not doing a great job of protecting the economy, but they are.

Trump has been touting a deal that would create 8 million new jobs by 2020.

He told The Wall Street Journal this week that the deal would create more than 500,000 new jobs.

But the Trump administration has been under pressure from Democrats and even some Republicans to make the deal more generous to workers and businesses, including boosting the minimum wage.

The White House has repeatedly told lawmakers and lawmakers in Congress that the proposed deal would help workers.

But it’s also a big win for business and investors, and a major win for workers who have been fighting to keep jobs in the U.s.

The Trump administration is making the deal in a bid to keep a large share of the U,S.

auto industry in the United States, where automakers make more than 80 percent of their profits.

It’s also in the interest of the auto companies to keep their headquarters in Michigan, which has been hit hard by the manufacturing industry’s decline.

Trump administration officials said that if Congress doesn’t approve the deal, it will be subject to renegotiation.

The president and Vice president are expected to announce the deal during a speech on Thursday in Detroit.