How Ford leased its Volvo XC90 from GM and Honda

General Motors’ Volvo Xc90, one of the company’s best-selling vehicles, has been leased from Ford Motor Company for more than 20 years.

The lease system was first introduced to GMs dealers in 1996.

It allows Ford to lease vehicles from other automakers in exchange for certain financial incentives and discounts.

The program allows Ford and GM to avoid a costly dealership markup on the purchase price.

Ford also pays $2,400 a month in leasing fees.

The deal allows Ford customers to buy new vehicles at a discount.

The system is now being phased out at GM, but it remains an important part of the automakers marketing strategy.

Ford says the lease program was originally created for the sole purpose of promoting and marketing new vehicles and the leasing program has since been expanded to cover other categories, such as trucks, vans and SUVs.

But Ford says it was unable to retain the lease payments that it originally made on the lease vehicles. 

In recent years, Ford has been struggling with low sales.

GMs earnings have also been sluggish, as its shares have declined by more than 10% since late 2011.