What you need to know about the lease buyout and Toyota’s Tundra deal

Tundras are the latest vehicles to be leased by Toyota Australia, as the company gears up to sell its fleet of cars and trucks.

The lease buyouts of some Tundradas are a sign of a more aggressive sales strategy, with the company looking to boost profits by selling cars and truck leases at a time when other major carmakers have been struggling.

Key points: Toyota announced it would lease more than 100,000 of the vehicles in Australia, bringing its total lease buyback to more than $6 billion (TNZ$6.8 billion) The buyout is due to end on July 20th Tundralts are a good buy-and-sell vehicle with high value-added attributes, which makes them ideal for Toyota’s lease buy-out strategy.

The deal is being financed by Toyota’s existing lease buyoff strategy, which will be replaced by a lease buyup.

Toyota says it is “totally committed to leasing”.

It is also investing in new technologies and technologies to ensure its vehicles are fully-functioning for a long time to come.

Key features: Toyota says the buyouts are a way for Toyota to build value for its existing fleet of Tundracs, which have a range of attributes that make them an attractive buy-at-any-time lease vehicle.

They are also a way to provide Toyota with the flexibility to meet future demand and offer customers a choice in terms of vehicle choice.

Tundas have the highest value-adjusted life (VAL) of any vehicle in the Tundrak fleet, and are also among the most environmentally friendly vehicles.

Toyota said its lease buybacks would be completed in the second half of 2021, after which it would begin selling the vehicles.

Tasks of the Toyota buyout plan The buyouts will be complemented by a series of other initiatives aimed at enhancing vehicle efficiency and safety.

These include an upgrade to its fuel-saving technology to help reduce fuel consumption, and new safety features that will make it easier for customers to operate the vehicle.

These will include vehicle-to-vehicle communication, lane departure warning and automatic lane departure.

They will also be a way of addressing the problem of people parking in the front of vehicles and of having more efficient parking systems.

The buyback will also help to boost the value of the vehicle leasing business by helping to reduce the cost of the leasing process and to attract new customers to the leasing network.

Key details of the deal: Toyota will lease all of its Tundro vehicles, including its T4 and T5 models, until the end of 2020.

The vehicle leasing scheme will be completed by July 2021.

Toyota has previously stated it will lease about 25,000 Tundranas from 2025 to 2025, as part of its lease-buyout strategy, but with a target to lease over 100,00 vehicles.

The leasing is due on the purchase of 100,0000 vehicles.

For this buyout it will spend $6.7 billion.

Toyota will also spend $2.6 billion on leasing of the T4s, the T5s, T6s and T7s.

Toyota Australia chief executive Paul Williams said the buyout was a “powerful strategic move” for the company.

“The Toyota buyouts represent a significant opportunity for our business, and we are confident that we will be able to meet this challenge in a cost-effective manner,” he said.

Toyota’s total lease-buying commitments are now expected to be around $6-billion.

This represents a substantial increase from previous years, when Toyota spent just $1.5-billion on leasing, according to Toyota’s latest annual report.

The current lease buydown has been underway since 2012.

This means Toyota will now have around $10-billion to spend on its fleet in total.

The company is still planning on leasing around 30,000 vehicles in 2021, and another 30,00 in 2022.

The total cost of leasing Toyota’s fleet of vehicles is estimated to be $6,900 per vehicle.

This would equate to an annual cost of about $10.4 billion.

The average annual cost for a Toyota vehicle currently is $19,900.

This assumes the purchase price for each vehicle is $1,000,000.

For a Tundramatic, the average annual price would be $19.2 million.

For the T7, the cost would be just $4.4 million.

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