BHOPAL: Two farmers have found their dream home for their farm in Bhopal

A farmer from Maharashtra who bought a house in a private sector house in the city of Bhopale, has now found his dream home.

The house, located at a property in Ghatkopar, is owned by one of the two farmers who were among the first to win the prestigious Bharat-Bharat Abhiyan project in 2017.

Kailash Yadav, one of those farmers, is now in his thirties.

His wife, Dinesh, is his daughter.

Both are graduates from the University of Madras, with Kailash serving as a faculty member in the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences.

The couple were chosen as the winners of the project, which aims to improve food security and ease rural distress.

They had initially invested Rs 2.2 crore for their property in Mumbai.

Kamal, a resident of Pune, had initially been given a house with a ground floor and a backyard but, due to the rising cost of land, he was unable to find the land to construct a house there.

The farm in Gopali, situated at a hillside in the Pune-Karnataka region, has a plot of land of about 25 acres.

The project, started by the Bharat Abiyan, aims to provide affordable housing to the needy and empower them to make better use of their land.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader and MP from Rajasthan, Ravi Shankar Prasad, visited the farm, and he too appreciated the efforts of the farmers.

He said the farmers who had won the project were well-intentioned and very skilled.

“This is a huge achievement for them, but the future is in the hands of the government and the people,” he said.