Landlord and tenant deal over ‘stupid lease’

A lease agreement between a tenant and her landlord in a new rental property has gone down in flames, with the property owner suing her for breach of contract.

The legal battle started in January, when an anonymous woman told a neighbour that she was moving out of her apartment and into a rental property in nearby Parklands.

In the months since, the unnamed tenant has not responded to the tenant’s requests for information about the property, and she has not been able to move in, according to the complaint filed by the owner of the property.

The property’s owner claims that the tenant breached the lease agreement by failing to pay rent, and by failing, she said, to maintain the property properly.

The complaint also alleges that the property’s property manager, the woman’s landlord, has violated the lease by failing “to provide a reasonable and accurate information about their property to the Landlord”.

The dispute began when the tenant was in her early twenties, and the property was rented for six months, according the complaint.

The woman and her partner live in the building, and it is the tenant who has been living there, according, the complaint, which also says that the landlord has not made a payment on the lease.

The dispute escalated to the point that the owner had to move out of the building because of the damage.

The tenant’s complaint said the landlord refused to pay for the damage and to fix the problems in the property because she did not know what repairs would be needed.

The lawsuit also said the tenant is owed rent for “months of unpaid rent”, as well as “for damages to the property and for damages to personal property”.

The Landlord of the Land said in a statement that the dispute was resolved, and that the Landlords office was investigating the matter.

In a statement, the Landowner of the Parklands said that the lease was “stupid” and that “no amount of money could justify it”.

“We are confident that if the Landowners office was involved in this situation it would have known what is in the lease,” the statement said.

“The tenants complaint is baseless and we do not intend to file a case against the landlord.”

It also said that “in the unlikely event that we were to do so we would have resolved this matter in a much quicker time”.

The statement added that the “Landlord of Parklands does not discriminate against any tenants in their dealings with their landlords”.

The landlord of the parkland property did not respond to a request for comment.

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