Free WiFi on a Ford Expedition lease with ‘free’ wifi

A new Ford Expedition model with a free WiFi connection is getting some attention online, as the company is rolling out the feature in a handful of states.

The free WiFi on the vehicle is only available for lease with the option to upgrade to a commercial lease agreement or lease the vehicle for a $250 rental fee, a Ford spokesperson told ABC News.

Free WiFi on lease with free wifi on lease, by Ford, on FlickrA Ford spokesperson confirmed to ABC News that the free WiFi is available for the Expedition, but did not provide further details.

The new feature is available in only a handful — Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island — according to the Ford website.

The company recently added the free wifi to the Explorer in California, where the lease option was available for a lease fee of $250.

Ford is rolling this out to a limited number of states, but it’s unclear if the free service will be rolled out to all vehicles on a nationwide basis.

The free WiFi option is not available in Nevada, where there are restrictions on the number of WiFi locations and how long it will be free.

Drivers can now check on their free WiFi and get updates when they get new information from the company, according to Ford.

In addition to the free Wi-Fi, the Explorer can also be charged for rental fees, which the company told ABC news will be based on the length of the lease, mileage, and the amount of time the vehicle has been in storage.

“If you’re leasing an Explorer, the monthly rental fee is $250, which will include a free WiFi hotspot,” Ford told ABC.

According to Ford, the free roaming is the same as the free cellular service that the Explorer gets.

After a free trial period, the company said it will start charging rental fees for the first time in 2017.

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