Penske to lease RAV4 for $2.5m

PENSKE will lease the P4 to a company that is seeking to sell it.

Penske is seeking a price of $2,500 per vehicle, with leasing terms that would make it the most affordable luxury truck in the industry, according to a report in The Hindu.

The RAV 4 was a product of the Volkswagen Group of America.

It was the second-generation of the truck, which was built in Germany.

In its first three years, the P40 won accolades from the Automobile Club of America, which called it “the most fuel-efficient, fuel-conscious and environmentally-friendly luxury truck on the market”.

The P40’s range is now more than double that of the RAV, which has a base price of around $60,000, according the company.

Its fuel economy rating is 12mpg city/22mpg highway, which is up from 11mpg.