How to get a new car and a mortgage in two years

This article originally appeared in The Lad Magazine.

The story behind the headline is that in the early 1970s, the car rental industry was booming and in the process, a lot of the people who were renting cars were also car owners.

But as the rental market changed, the rental car industry lost a lot more customers than it gained, leaving the industry with very few options.

So, the Lad decided to do some research.

The company’s chief economist and founder, Gary Kohn, found out that the average rental car owner spent almost $1,000 on insurance annually.

That is not a typo, it was over $1 million annually.

Kohn and his colleagues decided to try to figure out why the industry was so expensive, and why it was so hard to get insurance for a rental car.

The Lad’s research proved to be quite illuminating.

The company found that the main problem with rental cars was that they were generally not insured for major defects, including damage to the engine or bodywork.

The average rental cost $6,000, and the average repair bill for a replacement car was more than $100,000.

So what were the rental companies to do?

They made it very difficult for renters to buy insurance.

So instead of paying $1 for a car, a renter would pay $20 for a deductible.

But there was a catch.

If the renter had a car with a car insurance premium of more than 5% of the rental price, the company could charge that renter a $1 deductible.

Kohn says that many people are very willing to pay $1 more than they need to because they think it is the right price.

But that is not always the case.

Even if a rencer is able to pay the full deductible and still get insurance coverage, the insurance companies do not want to insure the vehicle.

They prefer to sell it.

Kohn and other economists say that it is not only the insurance premiums that make renting expensive.

The car rental companies also are not always careful in their inspections and maintenance of the vehicles.

The rental companies make the cars difficult to drive.

They have no spare parts, so the renters have to buy parts from dealers.

And the rental cars are often not properly maintained.

If you are a renver, and you want to rent a car for a longer term, you should consider renting a car from a company that does not charge a deductible for rental car insurance.

For example, if you are renting a rental vehicle for less than a year, you can get a loan and use the loan to pay for the rental.

Or, if the rental company has a fixed rate for a particular car, you could choose a car that is much cheaper than your monthly rental.

For example, in a three-year lease, you pay a $500 monthly payment.

And if you choose to rent that car for 30 months, you would pay about $500 per month for the car.

Another way to get your rental car insured is to pay a premium.

You can get that premium from the rental agent or the company that rents the car from you.

In many cases, you do not need to pay any extra money for insurance.

But if you want insurance, you might want to consider paying the extra cost.

Another reason why you might not be able to afford insurance on a rental is that rental cars often do not have an auto wash.

If you need to go to the car wash, you may have to hire someone to do the job.

But the car is not likely to be cleaned every day.

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