Mazda leasing deals worth $8 million

Mazda’s lease purchase for a new fleet of sedans is now worth $7 million, according to an auction listing, as the company looks to shore up its fleet with more fuel-efficient and less expensive models.

The auction, on Wednesday, said the $7.5 million lease for a 2012 Mazda 3 is the biggest of the new fleet, and the second-biggest of the 2016-2023 period.

The lease was for $1.8 million, which is a premium to the $1 million the lease price was set at in April.

The Mazda 3 has the same base price as its predecessor, the Mazda 2, but with some upgrades including more storage and upgraded safety features.

That means it could be cheaper to lease than the current lease price, which ranges from $4.9 million for the base model to $6.4 million for a second-generation model.

The 2015-2022 lease for the second generation model of the Mazda 3 was $1,000,000.

The 2013-2028 lease for Mazda’s 2-seater hatchback, the XC90, was $600,000; the 2015-2019 lease for its midsize crossover, the RX-7, was nearly $1 billion.

The $7-million lease for 2018’s hatchback was the largest of the 2017-2021 period, according the listing.