How to get a Lexus lease for a low price

Lexus has announced a new offer for its lease deal for luxury SUV, Lexus R100.

This lease deal is for up to £19,995 (about US$28,600).

The Lexus is a three-door luxury SUV that is also available with a seven-seat cabin.

In addition to the price, this lease deal comes with a 60-day guarantee.

 In case you haven’t heard, Lexuses R100 is a hybrid SUV, which means it has an electric motor and a hybrid drivetrain.

It has a range of 155 miles on a single charge and can go on the road for about 80 minutes without refueling.

This deal is valid for the first 30 days of the lease, which is why you have to wait until the 30th day to sign the lease agreement.

Lexus offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the lease.

If the lease does not come to an end by the end of 30 days, the vehicle will be sold and the buyer will have to pay the difference.

It is not known if this offer is available in other markets.