Dodge Charger is $6,000 a Month for a 24,000-mile lease

Chrysler has leased a brand-new Dodge Chargers to a lease company in the United States for a total of $6.5 million.

The lease is for 24,500 miles, with a $1,500 annual lease payment.

The car was delivered to the company in December, according to Dodge spokesman Dave Cone.

Dodge leases a vehicle for five years, and can renew for an additional five years.

The company said the leasing program was not subject to any state or federal taxes, and that the lease includes all necessary equipment.

The lease will run until the vehicle’s lease ends in 2018.

The vehicle is a 2018 Dodge Charging, and it will have an MSRP of $52,995.

Dodge Charger owner John Pinto said he and his wife, Lotte, are going to use the vehicle as a primary vehicle and will drive the rest of their lives.

They have owned a Dodge Chargier for three years.

Cone said the company is not disclosing how many people have signed up for the lease.

He said Dodge plans to begin leasing the vehicle in the spring.

The dealership is not the first car company to lease a vehicle to lease company.

Ford recently leased a Chevy Silverado pickup truck for 12 years to lease it out.

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