Jeep Cherokee leasing deal could be worth $3.6M to Ford

DALLAS — Jeep Cherokiks have a lease agreement in place for a new truck that could be valued at $3,6M, according to an internal memo obtained by ABC News.

The memo, which was sent to Ford Motor Company, shows the lease agreement was made during a meeting between the two companies, according the memo, “and Ford was willing to work with Jeep on the lease.”

Ford says the deal is for “a truck, to be called a Ford XE, with a base price of $35,000, and a base lease of one year at $20,000.

It would be for 50,000 total miles per year.

Ford will finance the lease and will also contribute up to $1.5 million for expenses related to the lease, such as inspection and maintenance.”

The agreement is not public, and Ford did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

The memo also says the lease was made “in an effort to provide a high-quality service” to Jeep’s customers, according it.

Ford has said the deal with Jeep is not related to a $5.9 billion contract that the company has with General Motors.