Lincoln lease deals with Ford for the new Mustang – Polygon

It’s not exactly news that Ford is looking to expand the Mustang brand, but the Lincoln lease deal may just provide the first tangible indication that Ford’s next-gen Mustang will be a big seller in the U.S.

A new Mustang is still far from a certainty for the automaker, but Lincoln’s Lincoln lease sales have been fairly steady for some time now, and the deal seems to be a significant step toward a broader American Mustang lineup.

Ford is not exactly the first company to offer a large-scale deal for a Mustang, but its move will certainly be seen as an indication of how serious Ford is about the car’s future.

It seems like Ford is starting to get a handle on what it will be able to build with the new Mustang, and Lincoln is clearly being the most aggressive buyer here.

In addition to Lincoln’s new deal, Ford is offering to match Lincoln’s lease sales in order to help fund the Ford Focus ST.

Ford will match all Lincoln lease payments up to $500,000, and it’s not clear how many Ford Focus St.s Lincoln will purchase.

Lincoln already has a few of its own models on the road in Europe, and Ford has a deal with Italian brand Fiat Chrysler that will help build the Focus ST for a while longer.

Both deals are expected to be announced next week.

We’ve reached out to Ford for comment and will update this article if we hear back.

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