When Detroit’s subaru lease deal went bad: How a carmaker went from being a local success to being a national threat

A carmaker has gone from being an American icon to a global symbol.

A decade ago, Chrysler was a regional darling that made millions of dollars in profit each year.

It was a model for automaker development and, in many ways, a model that American carmakers could emulate.

In its heyday, Chrysler had a brand name that could draw customers in and draw sales.

And it was an American brand that people would flock to if they saw it.

But today, Chrysler has a new and much less popular name, a logo that looks like it’s made in a sweatshop and is marketed as a vehicle to be used by African-Americans and Latinos.

It has lost the support of people who might once have purchased it.

The company was once a regional powerhouse, and it still is.

Chrysler made more than 4.7 million vehicles in 2014, making it the third-largest carmaker in the world.

The company’s production of cars and trucks totaled nearly 1.7 billion vehicles last year.

The problems began when the company bought out the bankrupt Jeep brand in 2012.

It then acquired General Motors and, through its Fiat Chrysler Automobiles unit, built a huge car business in China.

Its name, the Chrysler brand, came to be synonymous with American industry and success.

But after that, the company’s business, once strong, became stagnant.

As part of its deal to sell Jeep to Fiat Chrysler, Chrysler sold off a big chunk of its workforce, including the company headquarters, and cut the number of employees to about 2,000 from 3,000.

It cut more than 50,000 jobs in its global operations, including in the U.S. In addition, the number on its payroll has dropped to about 800,000 workers from more than 1 million.

The Chrysler brand is now a symbol of a company that was once American.

But the company, and many of its workers, see it as an emblem of a country that is a global competitor.

The brand’s name is also synonymous with an industry that is still largely owned by foreign companies, such as Apple and Google.

And, in a country where American companies are still the biggest employers, the brand has become the symbol of the American dream.

The U.K. government is now trying to change that.

A bill that would force all U.k. companies to pay a fair share of taxes to the U,K.

Treasury has asked the government to reconsider the Chrysler deal.

The U.N. General Assembly has also called for a national debate on whether the Chrysler-Fiat Chrysler deal should be made the centerpiece of a tax overhaul.

The deal was made possible by the Chrysler bankruptcy and was signed by Chrysler Chairman Bill Ackman in November 2014.

The deal also benefited the U-K.

economy, according to a report by the government.

The Detroit auto giant has a lot to prove.

It’s been a pioneer in the use of the Jeep brand, but it’s a car maker that’s been trying to sell its Jeep brand to foreign competitors and now is being forced to pay millions of pounds of tax to the United Kingdom.

The carmaker’s stock has fallen nearly 50 percent this year.

It’s not just the U’s government.

The European Union is also looking into Chrysler.

Its Finance Ministry has been working with the U to make sure Chrysler pays the same taxes as other U.ks.

The finance ministry is also trying to find a solution to the situation with Fiat Chrysler.

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