BMW X7 lease: The specs, features and price

The new BMW X-series models are set to enter the US market starting in 2017, and they will be priced at around $57,000 (Rs.


According to an article in the auto website Motorradar, the car will be offered with a choice of three exterior colours: black, red and silver.

It will also be offered in a range of standard equipment packages, such as a seven-speed manual transmission, power windows, and power sunroof.

The car’s cabin is said to be a departure from the standard BMW cabin in terms of materials and ergonomics, with the seats being made from wood.

The driver and passengers will also get a leather-wrapped steering wheel, an infotainment system and the option of using a touch screen for navigation.

The BMW X6 will be available in a number of trim levels, including the base model and premium versions.

The premium X6 comes with a range-topping price tag of $56,900, which is higher than the current model.

The new BMW models are said to come with a six-speed automatic transmission and a seven in the range, which are both offered with leather seats.

The X7 has a six speed manual transmission and it will also have power windows.

The X5 and X6 are expected to be available next year.