What to know about commercial lease deals on cars

A lease on an Acura TLX is priced at $25,000, or about $3,200 a month.

The deal can be done in just three weeks.

But when you get the car, it’s worth $30,000 or more, and you’ll have to pay the dealer a $500 commission, but you get free shipping, a new car, and a new warranty.

If you sign up for a commercial lease deal, you’ll get a new Honda Accord that’s free for life, and $1,400 worth of tax credits, according to the National Association of Realtors.

You can get a free $5,000 Honda Fit, and the dealership is offering you a free three-year Honda Pilot.

You may also want to consider an Audi lease.

The Audi deal is $15,000 per month.

It’s a one-year deal that will save you $3.99 per mile, and is usually available for a one week window.

You’ll get free gas for a month, free navigation and audio, and an $8,000 tax credit.

Audi’s deal is available for two weeks and is typically available for one week.

It includes $836 in financing.

You get free parking, free phone calls, and more.

And, if you sign it up for one year, you can get the Audi R8.

It starts at $24,000.

The R8 has a $18,000 price tag, but is available only for two months.

It comes with a free Honda Fit and a free Toyota Corolla.

You also get a Honda Civic hatchback for two years, free Navigation and audio.

The Honda Civic is a three-door hatchback, but it comes with $856 in financing, and includes free parking.

You do get free insurance, but the insurance is usually $1.99 a month and is not as good as a commercial.

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