‘Suv Lease’ to replace Porsche Macan lease on US – Times

“We are excited to launch the leasing program for our new model of Porsche Macans.

It will allow us to expand our dealership network and offer more options to our customers,” said Michael J. D’Alzio, vice president and general manager, Porsche Maca.

“The leasing program is a great way to provide new owners with the opportunity to experience the Porsche Macarens as we’ve always dreamed it.”

“The new leasing program will allow the new owners to experience new cars from Porsche and get some early access to the brand,” he added.

Porsche Macs have been sold since 2004, and the company said it has signed a lease for another 10,000 of the vehicles.

The lease is valid until May 31, 2019.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of the Porsche lease program on the new model,” said Porsche Mac Auctions President, John Farrar.

“It’s a great opportunity for all customers to experience and compare new cars, and it also means a great deal to us, the Porsche brand and to our loyal customers.”

Porsche Mac-specific car models will also be available to lease for up to six months.

“Porsche Macans are a truly unique vehicle, and we look forward to introducing a wide range of models and services in the near future,” said D’Alessandro.