Which clubs will be in the Europa League next season?

As the Premier League continues to struggle, Serie A’s biggest clubs have all taken a hit, with several in the top flight unable to afford new stadiums. 

“The situation is difficult for a club like Juventus, whose current stadium is not enough to play at all,” says Taso-based journalist and author of the new book Tiso.

“The problem is that it’s not a club which can do anything right now.

It’s not clear whether Juventus will have enough funds for a new stadium. 

They have to pay for the development of the city, they have to manage the players’ wages, and they have no guarantee that they will be able to build a new arena. 

As for their financial stability, Juventus are facing bankruptcy and will probably lose around €2bn (£1.4bn) in the next 12 months.” 

“What they do know is that the club’s finances are not good,” adds Sebastian Kornelius, a football journalist who wrote about the club for The Times newspaper in Italy.

“There’s no room for new financing, and Juventus have no room to sell the club, even if it means losing the players, or losing their fans. 

There is a very strong argument for Juventus to stay put, but I don’t think they will. 

The only real option for Juventus is to stay and fight for survival.” 

As Milan’s stadium is a long way from being finished, Kornelious believes the club will eventually need to move, especially as their current owner, Massimo Moratti, is not a fan of the proposed new stadium at the San Siro. 

Despite having played a part in the construction of the San Mames and being the first team to use the new stadium, Moratti has been unable to reach a deal with the city. 

While it is true that the former president of the board of directors of the Italian Football Federation has sued Moratti in order to stop him from building the new stadium in the south of the country, the new owners of the Juventus have not accepted Moratti’s solutions. 

Furthermore, Milans fans have protested outside the clubs facilities in Milano and Bologna, and have even held a rally outside their goal in Cologne. 

According to Tasi, “Moratti has never been a happy man, but he has always been a good investor. 

But when the new building is finished, he’ll need to make sure that he’s in charge of everything. 

I don’t see any way that he can keep the same people on board.” 

In Italy, the current situation has led to some players leaving the club. 

Juve has also lost Fabio Borini, Dani Alves, Andrea Pirlo, Marco Verratti and Marco Verlasso, among others. 

However, Severini believes that Milania will never be able to recover without players being left behind. 

For the former Italian football star , Juvelin is not the only club struggling financially this season. 

Tosi notes that Lazio have lost €1.5m in the first half of the season and are currently in third place in Serie A with a record transfer deficit. 

With a budget of €13m, Lazio will have to spend a lot of money to keep up with the €35m in debt accumulated by the club this season, but “there is a possibility that the situation might change,” Sevilla’s president, Lorenzo Tassi, said this week. 

This is because Sievese are financeing their season at a loss. 

Milanes are expected to face a financial crisis as they continue to struggle financially. 

Last season, they lacked a record €5m net profit and lost three of their last four matches. 

In a football market where a record £12.5million was sold to the French club Paris Saint-Germain for £7.5 million, a team with the financial firepower to compete with Lagardere and Juves may need to work harder to improve their financial position. 

When Milanos face a financial emergency, there is a chance that players will leave the club.