What is a lease?

With the global auto industry in flux, it’s no surprise that leases have become a major focus of speculation.

However, a closer look at the term leasing reveals that leasing is more than just a business term.

It also describes a method of securing a loan.

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A lease is a contract between two parties to lease or sell something for a specified period of time.

This allows a consumer to purchase something from a retailer or a dealership and receive a payment, either in cash or in a loan to the dealership or retailer.

In addition, the seller may give the consumer a discount, which can vary from a 10% discount to a 25% discount.

A lease is also a term used to describe a sale or purchase, such as a car lease.

The terms of a lease are typically limited to a certain amount of time, such that the consumer will have the option to cancel the contract or withdraw the money.

As an example, the terms of an auto lease are:A lease may be signed for a period of up to 30 days and may extend for an additional period of 30 days.

The car buyer may cancel the lease after 30 days, or cancel at any time, without penalty.

A car lease does not include a written agreement to pay cash or an annual service fee.

A sale of a vehicle or part of a car is not a lease, and there are no provisions in the car lease or lease purchase agreement for a buyer to cancel a contract if the vehicle is not sold.