How to save $150k on your lease deal with Infiniti, Lexus, and Cadillac

By now you’ve heard of the Lexus lease deals.

Lexus has recently been in the news for several reasons, including its deal to lease its current fleet of vehicles to Nissan, the carmaker’s decision to buy the Detroit automaker in a deal valued at $2.8 billion, and the deal that the company is negotiating with GM over the leasing of the next-generation Chevrolet Cruze.

If you’re looking for the best deal on a new car or a lease, you might want to check out these two Lexus leasing deals that offer some great savings on your next lease or rental.

But let’s first talk about how to save some money on your leasing contract.

If your lease or lease-purchase agreement includes a $100 per month payment, you’re going to save a ton of money by just paying less.

Lexuses deal with a $150 monthly payment is actually quite a bit more than the $120 per month it costs you to rent a car from a leasing company.

If that’s the case, here are the most popular Lexus leases that offer an impressive $150 savings on a lease.

LexUS Lease Rates for New and Leased Cars with $150 or More in Payment In most Lexus and Cadillac leases, the monthly payment will be $150.

But if you’re buying a new or leased Lexus or Cadillac, you can pay less than that to get the same savings.

With that in mind, here’s a list of Lexus &c.

lease rates that will take less than $150 to make up for the extra cost.

Lexusa LEase Rates (per month) $150 $100 Lexus LX (3-year lease) $170 $150 Lexus L (6-year) $195 $150 Toyota Prius (4-year, 10-month) $230 $150 Honda Accord (6 year, 12-month lease) 10% off $150 and $250 $200 $250 and up Nissan LEase rates $160 $150 Chevrolet Volt (3 year lease) 30% off lease price $225 and up Ford Escape (3 and 6 month lease) 35% off at lease price with free 30-day trial $200 and up Mercedes-Benz E-Class (3 yr, 12 months lease) 45% off with 30-Day Free Trial $200 plus $300 monthly for a total of $300.

See our Best Lexus Lease Deals for more details.

This will save you up to $300 off a car lease or purchase agreement, and you can save even more by choosing a Lexus vehicle and paying less in your first year.

Lexva Lexus/Cadillac lease offers (per lease) 7.4% $150 on lease $500 on lease or $1,000 per month (per $50k) $250 on lease + $500 $300 on lease & $1/month plus $500 monthly (per year) 7% on lease and $300 per month 7.9% on $300 or $300+ monthly, plus 7% after $300 + $300 plus 7.7% after 30 days $400 + $400 $500 + $1K monthly on lease plus $1k monthly on purchase or $5k monthly if paid in full $600 + $600 $1.5k + $5K monthly (6 months) + $800 per month or $8,500 monthly $1 per month + $2,500+ monthly (4 years) Lexus LEase Rate (per hour) $3.49 per hour $7.99 per hour Lexus 6 year (3yr, 12.3yr lease) -$2.50 per hour + $8.00/hour $9.00 per hour plus $2 per hour ($1,250) +$1.50/hour + $9/hour ($1.7/hour) +1.25% off per month $2 for 6 months plus $3 for 12 months Lexus E-class (6 yr, 1 yr, 6 months lease + 30-days free) $20.00 + $30/day plus $25/day $50 + $50/day + $25 per month ($4,000) +8% after 6 months +$2/month for 12 Months +$7.00 for 6 Months +8.99/month +$3/month ($3,000+) +2.5% after 3 years +$6/month Lexus S (6yr, 2 yr, 2 years lease + 10-day free) +5% +$15/day for 6 mos +$30/month $60 + $60/month with 30 days free +$75/month after 6 mos plus $75/mo +$80/mo with 30 day free + $95

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