VW leases $8.6 billion in GM and GM leases

Volkswagen has struck a $8 billion lease deal with the U.S. automaker’s largest auto dealer group in a bid to reduce its dependence on GM vehicles.Volkswagen is selling a range of new and used cars and trucks to its U.K. customers, and the deal is worth about $3 billion per year, a Volkswagen spokesman saidRead More

Georgia hunting leases sell at record pace in 2018

Tags georgias hunting leases and georgiadetails hunting,tenants source NFL.com title Tenants and hunters battle over lease deals in Georgia article By Sam A. Baker, USA TODAY SportsGeorgia hunters who rent out their hunting lands are in the midst of a leasing war.They have a lease dispute with a hunting company and a landlord wants toRead More

How to win Georgia hunting leases

Georgia, Ga.— Georgia’s hunt and fishing industry is under threat.The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Monday issued a new federal ban on hunting and fishing in public lands that has been in place since 2005.The ban will expire July 1.“We want to make sure that our hunting and angling public lands remain open forRead More