The Premier League season review

FourFourThree has launched its new Premier League Season Review to highlight the Premier League’s major matches and offer fans an in-depth insight into the competition.The new season will be available to download on Thursday, December 1, and will also include a comprehensive overview of all of the clubs in the top flight.FourFourTwo’s new Premier LeaguesRead More

Which of these is the best lease deal in town?

TACOMA, Wash.— It’s hard to say, since there’s no single best lease for the Tacoma rental market, but this is a question that seems to have the attention of several different leasing firms in town.So let’s take a look at what each one says.–Renters seeking a “fair” price: If you’re looking for a rental inRead More

How to save money when leasing a new car

If you’re considering a lease, you may want to take a look at these six things to consider.First, you should definitely check to make sure that your lease terms are up to date and that you are fully covered for any damages or delays you may incur.If your lease agreement has any changes, you’ll wantRead More

F150 lease specials: Capital lease, short term lease

Capital lease is a term used to indicate a lease that is extended for a term longer than the lease’s term.Short term leases usually give you the option to renew for as long as you like.A financial lease is one that gives you the right to purchase a loan, which is usually a loan thatRead More